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What is Reminiscence of Decay?

Reminiscence of Decay is a Wretched & Alone hack inspired by works such as Annihilation, Arrival and Roadside Picnic. You play as the last member of an expedition sent to investigate the Enclave, a mysterious area that has puzzled scientists who tried to unveil its secrets. As you await for the rescue team to pick you up, you are assailed with memories of what happened. They come to you in a chaotic order, and all you can do is try to make sense of them.

Will you succeed where many have failed and understand what the Enclave is? Probably not. But maybe you can get closer to the truth.

If you want a sense of what the game can look like take a look at these logs written by me and helpful fellow creators (note that these playtests resulted in some changes in mechanics):
- a collection of logs from my amazing playtesters
- a very pretty log by Gontijo

Now with a fantastic cover by Mike Noppers!

Find more of his work here.

What is in the book?

- A simple system designed to be picked up and played quickly.
- Random tables to generate your Skill Set (why you were picked to join the expedition) and your Concern (why you decided to join the expedition).
- 52 prompts to guide your inspiration and write about what happened to you.
- A playlist to accompany your games and set an eerie and dreadful mood, immersing you deep within the Enclave.

What are people saying?

"Hauntingly beautiful fall into myself" - Gontijo

This work is based on The Wretched, product of Chris Bissette and Loot The Room, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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Tagsannihilation, Horror, journal, journalling, solo, wretched-and-alone


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What tense do you find yourself writing your entries in?  I don't really like writing in the past tense.  I suppose that's the intention of the scenario though yeah?

I'm kind of going a bit off script, but my story is set in a dystopian society.  I'm left for the enclave to escape the mundane and pre-determined existence which bleeds from day to day to day.

Instead of being rescued at the end... I'm thinking it's more like being caught.

The default would be to write in the past tense, but nothing stops you from writing in the present, or even future tense if it feels more natural to you. It could even play into the themes of the game!

That's an interesting setup, I hope you have fun with the game!


thanks! Yeah it’s been a fun setting so far. Kind of a 1984, THX 1138, Brazil sort of place.

one of the sample pages talks about polyhedral die. what materials would I need to play? 


A d20 & d10 (or a d10 & d4 as an alternative) and a d6

Yep that's it! Nothing that you wouldn't find in an usual set :)